Konvertor FM - Take control of your files and folders, quickly and easily.

Konvertor FM - View, Edit, Convert and Organize your files.

Konvertor FM is a desktop file manager, a robust and powerful - yet easy to use - tool that tames today's large and complex Windows' file systems. It natively supports all major videos, audios, texts, 3D, compressed formats and all the digital camera RAW formats, handles EXIF, IPTC, XMP and ICC informations and is able to manage even very large collections with hundreds of thousands of images.
Support for image and videos from 120+ cameras. Open all those files without worry. Konvertor FM supports all the file formats you need, and probably a few that you don't.

Konvertor FM lets you open, view and edit a variety of different Windows, Unix, Atari, Apple, ZX, XBox, Nintendo, Next... multimedia and text file types ranging from the common, such as FLV, PICT, MP3, DXF, JPEG, WEBP, to the less familiar types, such as SCR (Screensavers), MOD (Module formats) and much more. The current version is able to play, display and convert between 3486 different formats.

Konvertor FM screenshots

Images Transformations

Konvertor FM Image Editor The Konvertor FM Image Editor gives you the power to enhance your photos and images with a lot of filters. The Konvertor FM Image Editor is a full featured artist's studio for Windows that's easy-to-learn, powerful and affordable! It's simple enough for beginners yet packed with powerful features and advanced tools. Konvertor FM makes it easy for business and home users to touch up photographs and create great looking graphics for desktop publishing, presentations and the Internet!

With Konvertor FM You Will:

  • See what's inside your disks (even the hidden files and folders)
  • Display and Convert quite any format
  • Copy, Move, Delete
  • Capture screens
  • Download photos from cameras (WIA interface)
  • Scan and display/convert (TWAIN interface)
  • Create Flash, Web, Text Albums
  • Create Metadata Albums (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, ICC)
  • Split files, and join them later
  • Rid CDs, create CDs and DVDs
  • Find files on the Web
  • Download videos from various sites (Google, DailyMotion, Youtube etc...)
  • And more...

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Download Konvertor FM Konvertor FM runs on all versions of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (Desktop) and Server Editions (32 and 64 bits).

Minimum hardware requirements:
Intel Pentium® or AMD K5 processor with 166 MHz

Start Exploring Your Files Now!

Once you try Konvertor FM, we think you will find yourself using it daily in diagnosing all sorts of issues. An important and widely recognized benefit is its stability. Works very well, reasonable price, combined they equal a stunning value.